Asociación Art Nouveau Buenos Aires

Organized by AANBA (Art Nouveau Association of Buenos Aires)

Walking tour of about 12 blocks along the most traditional Avenue of Bs As, with plenty of history, architecture and splendor.
From the monumental building "Palacio Barolo" where we will visit its mystic hall to "Galería Güemes", undoubtely the most important Art Nouveau passageway in LatinAmerica.
In the way, we will appreciate the "Tango Hotel" and other very representative and interesting buildings of different styles such as the traditional ones (Beaux Arts and Eclecticism), Art Nouveau and Art Decó. Some examples of those buildings are: "Chile Hotel", "La Inmobiliaria", "Ex-diario Crítica", "Palacio Vera", "Ex-diario La Prensa", etc. When we arrive at "Plaza de Mayo", we will see and describe some of the main historical buildings such as "Casa Rosada" with "Evita´s balcony", the "Cabildo" and the "Metropolitan Cathedral" (where Pope Francis was an archbishop). After that, we will walk along Diagonal Norte Avenue, with its impressive architectonic harmony (Art Decó style: HSBC Bank, La Equitativa del Plata, Citibank, and others).
Finally, on our arrival at "Galería Güemes", we will admire the beauty of its magnificent architecture A visit  to the 14th floor beautiful viewpoint is optional.
At "Galería Güemes" you will also enjoy a night at the luxurious "Piazzolla Tango" Theater. At first, you will have a tango class, and then an excellent dinner with a tango show: dancers, singers and a live orchestra.
A very rich and varied experience of Buenos Aires architecture; a trip to its glamorous age accompanied by its sensual and representative music.
A free map and guide of Art Nouveau buildings of Bs As is included

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