Asociación Art Nouveau Buenos Aires

1st International Biennial of Antique shops, Galleries & Jewellery shops     

"Coming back to Buenos Aires Golden Age"

Vip Pre-Opening 
Friday October 10th, 2014, 5-10 pm

General admission
October 11th, 12th and 13th, 2014 from 1 to 9 pm 

Location: Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel &Convention Center Room
"San Telmo" 1225/1275 San Martín St. Entrance door: on Av. Leandro N. Alem.  Buenos Aires, 1104, Argentina 

An international Show Fair organized by AANBA- Association of Art Nouveau of Buenos Aires-, a non-profit Association, whose mission is to spread and reestablish the value of Buenos Aires Art Nouveau and Decó inheritage
Accompanied by Buenos Aires City Government, important associations and institutions, embassies and companies as well as by similar associations in USA and Europe.
The best place to bring buyers, exhibitors/vendors and new collectionists together, Argentinian as well as foreigners, in a prestigious, reliable, safe and hospitable environment.
The expression that encourages to share Buenos Aires Golden Age experience in a new kind of thematic exhibition:
Launched within a limited space of 50 stands among which the most relevant communication and press media are included.
A very important catalogue/guide for buyers and vendors will accompany this new kind of thematic Show-Fair.


History and description of Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau was born as the first international movement that broke up with academicism and historicism in Europe in the 19th century.

In some way, this movement (that was extended to architecture, furniture, graphics, decorative objects and everyday objects) was meant to democratize beauty and socialize art.

It was inspired in the shapes of nature and Japanese art, and its main characteristics are the undulating lines, the asimetry, the exuberance, the sensuality, the expresive force of vegetation, the importance given to artisans and new materials and the display of great freedom, beauty and some kind of ingenuity.

Art Nouveau had many sources and names according to the country in which it was developed: Modernism, in Spain; Jungendtil, in Germany; Sezession, in Austria; Art Nouveau in France and Belgium, etc.

Art Nouveau came to Bs As together with many foreign and local architects who had studied in Europe and who also gave a local touch to their buildings. The exhibition prepared to celebrate the centennial in Bs As (1910) was a sample of Nouveau aesthetics. There was a remarkable place in the ornamentation of "Porteño" Nouveau style for ironwork and statues, both of which showed great artistic quality.

AANBA (Art Nouveau Association of Buenos Aires)

AANBA  was born from the need of recovering the beauty of the "belle époque" in Buenos Aires and giving value to a time that placed Buenos Aires as the most promisory capital in Latin America.
In the same way as the tango and the "fileteado porteño" share a relationship in time and feeling with Art Nouveau, and they are more popular than ever, at AANBA we believe that Art Nouveau deserves an identical revival.
Our mission is to give value, preserve and spread Art Nouveau architecture of Buenos Aires, making people aware of the importance of the architectural heritage in the city that characterized the refinement and elegance of a period.

 Among AANBA's foundational initiatives, it is important to mention:

•    Appointment of Buenos Aires as the LatinAmerican capital of Art Nouveau;
•    Creation of Art Nouveau Academy of Buenos Aires;
•    Spreading of emblematic buildings through: the creation of the "Great map of Art Nouveau" with
touristic Art Nouveau routes; tours* guided by specialists from AANBA (on foot or by bus); documentaries (DVDs), recognition plaques awarded to emblematic buildings, Art Nouveau exhibitions of objects, graphics, furniture, design, etc;
•    Thematic "Galas" held in different emblematic buildings.

* For a complete description of our tours (including meeting point, routes and prices) see the following page:



Gran Mapa Cultural del Art Nouveau

Comisión Confitería del Molino

Actividades y Eventos 2019

Centro Patrimonial Calise 
Exposición, Tours, Mapa Guía, etc.

 DVD Teatro Colón

BArt Nouveau 2019
Gran Exposición, Tours, Viajes, Visitas, etc.

Comisión de Patrimonio

2º Encuentro de la Ruta Latinoamericana del Art Nouveau

Campaña Recuperemos al Edificio Calise
Campaña de bien público

Artes Decorativas en BArt Nouveau 

Art Nouveau Club

  Campaña Galas Art Nouveau
Participá donando y te invitamos.

 Primer Encuentro 
Ruta de Ciudades Art Nouveau Americanas

 Los Amigos del Art Nouveau
Temporada  Galas y Vernissages

Tour y Charlas Art Nouveau Marzo 

Lo Actuado:
Más de 17 Galas y eventos culturales

 Les Arts Décoratifs Latin American Guide

Ruta Argentina del Art Nouveau

 EXP-6 Espectáculos
El nuevo sistema de proyección de videos con imágenes en todo el ambiente

 Souvenirs Shop
La tienda de recuerdos de AANBA con recreaciones de lámparas y objetos, Carpetas Conmemorativas, DVD´s, etc.

 Eventos Culturales y Sociales AANBA
Sea Partner del prestigio del Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Route Europa
Somos miembros del Club Internacional del la Ruta Europea del Art Nouveau.
Dependiente del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona 

 Ruta Argentina del Art Nouveau
El viernes 28 en la Casa de Mendoza seremos homenajeados y entregaremos una placa de bronce para nombrar a Mendoza como primer Hito de la Ruta Art Nouveau Latinoamericana 

 AANBA Videos
Nuestro canal de Youtube: Videos /(AANBA TV), documentales, trailers, charlas, viajes, con publicidad de nuestros sponsors

Nuevo DVD de AANBA
"Buenos Aires Art Déco"  (Primera Edición)

La Ruta Latinoamericana del Art Nouveau de AANBA
Desde Buenos Aires a México D.F.

Comercialización de antigüedades
Con nuestro asesoramiento (por consulta o e-mail) y con los mejores anticuarios amigos de AANBA podrá acceder a obras de arte y objetos decorativos.

Decorando con Antigüedades
Video de AANBA como ejemplo del valor de una antigüedad en una decoración contemporánea

Bienal de Anticuarios de París 2014

 Mendoza y la Ruta del Art Nouveau Latinoamericana

Nuevo DVD "Yacht Club Argentino y los arquitectos Franceses del Art Nouveau"

Diarios La Nación y Clarín
artículos sobre AANBA  

Academia Porteña del Art Nouveau 
con personalidades: embajadores de Italia, España y Francia , Arquitectos y Artistas

Auspiciantes y sponsors
que quieran publicitar en nuestros eventos, los mapas o sitios

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